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For my entire life, I have been exploring the intersection between consciousness and sound. It all points to the felt experience of interconnectedness—with self, others, nature, and the sacred. Everything vibrates with rhythm. Through the drum, I practice how to interconnect with life. There is an element of moving through chaos towards harmony... working with intention and intuition... the ability to surrender and transcend. Maintaining this embodied state of awareness is what I call Lucid Drumming. ~ JKN

Lucid Drum promotes empowerment, health, and wellness through the exploration, expression, and overall experience of rhythm. Drumming has been used as a tool for individual and communal healing in cultures around the world for millennia. Weaving ancient wisdom traditions together with evidence-based research, Jason K. Norris, PhD(c), offers an engaging and transformative approach to relieving stress, building community, and having fun.

IONS 15th International Conference – July 20, 2013

Services include but are not limited to: facilitation of workshops, drum circles, sonic meditations, music groups, and wellness programs; performance for live events, studio recordings, workshop intensives, and theatrical productions; special events such as retreats, conferences, private parties, ceremonies, and healing circles; sound healing for individual and group attunement, stress reduction, emotional balancing, creative stimulation, behavioral repatterning, and trauma rehabilitation; dream work including interpretation, incubation, guided imagery, sounding, movement, and re-entry; as well as moyo drum ordering, discounts, and distribution.

Find your rhythm. Express yourself. Be heard.

Lucid Drum

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